Public Art and Commissions

 Weather is the common theme running through, and impacting on the day to day lives of anyone living in rural and regional Australia. It is a central topic in any country town - often the starting point and common ground of converstaion between strangers. Country people live " with an eye on the sky". Commissioned to commemorate the Year of the Outback in 2002, this sculpture celebrates our association with the land we work and the heavens we rely on for lifegiving sun and for rain. The strength and endurance of bronze and stone parallels the quiet faith and tenacious spirit of the man on the land.

" With an Eye on the Sky"

Boonah Shire Council, Year of the Outback, 2002

site under contruction, more coming soon.....


Tweed Regional Art Gallery, Murwillumbah   NSW

 Five bronze terns mounted on an arc of stainless steel, swooping down to touch briefly before heading skywards again: their passage symbolic of the elusive and transitory nature of existence.

"Flow" was exhibited at the Swell Sculpture Show in 2004, where it was acquired by the Vernon family and donated to the Tweed Regional Gallery at Murwillumbah, where it was accepted into their permanent collection in memory of Donald Clayton Vernon.

Commissioned by Queensland National Parks and Wildlife, this bronze relief depicts a selection of the rarest creatures endemic to the World Heritage Listed area. Located at the entrance to the walking tracks, it gives visitors a clue as to what is hiding beneath the leaf litter or could be just around the corner.  Species include Stephen's Banded Snake, Great Banded Frog, Richmond Birdwinged Butterfly, Periaptus, and Brown-headed Button Quail. Endangered species Spotted Quoll has left only footprints in the artwork, a reminder to us of what is at risk.

"Forest Floor"

Binna Burra Section,  Lamington National Park 

"Caring Through the Ages" 

Commissioned by Queensland Emergency Services, this one by one-and-a-half metre relief is a celebration of local ambulance services past and present. It includes depiction of early wheeled patient transport and horseback services as well as later motorized and helicopter evacuation, set against a background comprised of the local mountain ranges, including Mt French and Mt Edwards,  Mitchell, and Cordeaux.

Queensland Emergency Services 

Flyby -  RAAF Superhornets

Wyaralong Dam 



Queensland Governor

   Penelope Wensley

Commissioned by Wyaralong Dam and situated in the parkland at the Eastern Trailhead, this artwork commemorates the relationship of the Royal Australian Air Force 23rd Squadron and the landholders in the area. During the early stages of WWII, these pastures were home to hundreds of airmen undertaking training, who went on to serve in the Pacific theatre. The artwork is comprised of the traditional RAAF Wedgetailed Eagle and a detailed depiction of the Wirraway pilot trainer,  mounted on a boulder of sandstone from the excavation of the dam.


Thirty-six bronze fish, swimming on curves of stainless steel, drift net made of stainless steel cable. This work is symbolic of freedom and resilience: we flow along with the currents around us, and when faced with an obstacle, we may change direction, but move onwards and upwards regardless.

"On the Wing"

"Where to Now?"

"Royal Terns" bronze terns on stainless,

  2.4 metres high by 1.8 metres wide


Clancy, a private commission. A full size portrait of a Border Collie / Jack Russell Terrier cross, likeness worked up from several "sittings"...along with a few rolling overs and some snoozings! Beloved tennis ball molded as well.

" A Pair" -   Two beings, two starting points, two pathways,  merging into one.

Diving Lady - private commission

Lifesize bronze lady preparing to dive backwards into the sea
maquette and armature

Getting it right- assembling castings, welding, smoothing, adding the patina, waxing and polishing 

"The Diver"

Bonalbo Working Dog

Bonalbo, in northern New South Wales, is the home of Australia's first-ever working cattle dog trial. To commemorate this and to acknowledge the region's connection to and love of working dogs, they commissioned a sculpture of a kelpie, depicted in typical intense stance

Well-known working dog trainer and long-time local Fraser Ramsay trained his dog Judy to aid in the unveiling of the sculpture at its site in the centre of town, where it sits in pride of place , getting pats and photos from tourists and townspeople alike. 

Australian Naval Memorial, Southbank Parklands, Brisbane

In 2016 Catherine was commissioned  by the Australian Navy's Far East Strategic Reserve to create a two metre high sculpture of an Australian navy sailor to be sited at Southbank Parklands in Brisbane.  Sited at Memorial Park on a sandstone plinth bearing five bronze plaques commemorating the ships and battles in which the FESR served their country, the artwork is the first of its kind dedicated to the navy in Queensland.