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Original sculptures available now

"Just Try to Act Natural"

This family of Little Red Bats, their home displaced by new developments, has found a promising place to roost. Hoping to blend in with the neighborhood, they hang their hopes on modern art.

bats detail sirromet winery_edited.jpg
Bronze, steel. 1 metre high
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"Where to Now?"  is 1.2 metres high and 1.5 metres long, an original sculpture depicting a school of thirteen multicoloured bronze fish of various types travelling together on a wave made of stainless steel bars. Each fish was individually cast and hand finished with a variety of patinas suitable for indoor or outdoor placement. I hope to see people asking about the circuit boards etched onto a few of the fish- it's the reason I included them in the design. As I was making the sculpture, I began to think about the environmental changes brought about by progress - whether it be pollution, global warming, or genetic engineering, and I started wondering where these changes may lead us. I added the circuit board insets (a beautiful if unexpected pattern) onto a few of the elegant and classical fishes as a little hint that changes may be taking place which we might want to take notice of, and think more carefully about in the big picture. They are still beautiful, but something is going on here. "Where to Now?" is the question I was hoping would inspire people to stop a while and think about how change takes us on its own journey whether we like it or not.


"Where to Now?"

fine art, sculpture, bronze sculpture, bronzes, australia, original, public art, catherine anderson

" On the Wing"


“On the Wing” is an original sculpture comprised of a flock of bronze terns spiralling upward on a whirlwind crafted from stainless steel wire. Each highly detailed bird has been individually cast and hand finished, and the work is mounted on a base made from Helidon sandstone. The piece is approximately 1 metre high and 700 at its widest point, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor placement. The birds are darting skyward in an elegant and joyful swoosh, borne up on fair winds.


but another can be created with a unique one-off design, just ask!

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